A child doesn’t have any idea about life, yet he lives it to the fullest, experiencing each moment without any worries about the future or the past. On the other hand, children don’t have any concept about death, and because of that they are living life with a test of eternity.

But when the concept of death comes up questions begin to arise.. What is life? What happens after life? What was it like before life began? And of course one of the most fundamental questions in human history: What is the purpose of life?

Since we are in a material vehicle (the human body) led by metaphysical energy creating thoughts to become actions in our material world, we have to take a deep look into this metaphysical energy that takes control of our world.

This energy cannot be measured, yet it is the source of the original idea of measurement!

So in order to answer the question, “What is the purpose of life?” we have to ask another question: Who is asking?

Is it our mind? Who are we?

And this question cannot be answered in words because words are the product of our mind that is working for the energy force, which in turn cannot be measured by anything.

This energy is the source of life and we can experience it by living the present moment because this energy is beyond the idea of time and space.

By experiencing life beyond time and space, beyond birth and death, we don’t have to answer any question. No questions, no answers, just being… and getting back into the ocean of eternity.

Ali Alhassan learnt transcendental meditation while dealing with difficult personal experiences a few years ago. It gave him the strength to cope, and opened up the mystical world of metaphysics to him. Since then, he has competed several courses at the University of Metaphysical Sciences while on a journey to develop his spirituality. Ali is also a guitarist and vocalist in the Spanish guitar music band, Alhassan Brothers.

Image Credit: Abdulaziz Al-Ameer, an Arabic calligraphy artist. Find his work on Instagram: @tua_14

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