What is Love?

Love is…

The last breath of the ego
The game of eternity
The waltz in the heart of the universe

Love is…

Pushing, pulling without moving
Surrendering to the pulse of the divine
Kissing auras,
Merging, swaying

Love is…

Magic as reality
Awakening to the field
Body, mind, soul

Love is…

It merely is.

Nejoud Al Yagout is the author of two books of poetry: This is an imprint and Awake in the Game of Pretending. She has lived in various countries around the globe: Pakistan, UAE, UK, Italy and even China. Her exposure to various cultures and ideologies led her to a radical understanding of collective consciousness and spiritual awakening. Her findings are documented in her books which represent humanity through the spectrum of her personal experience. 

Image Credit: Abdulaziz Al-Ameer, an Arabic calligraphy artist. Find his work on Instagram: @tua_14

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One thought on “What is Love?

  1. Ali Al Hassan 2 years ago

    Poetry,arts & actions can describe love..and its all came out of it.