Have you ever met a poet?
It is only when I truly met a poet that I viewed their world’s perspective.
You see when you meet a poet you realize they see metaphors waiting to be worn.
They find adverbs yearning to be described.
They meet adjectives that call for their discussions.
Where synonyms are all that is left to replace them.
If you’ve ever met a poet you would find them singing with alliterations,
dancing with thoughts and inventing with ideas.
With their eyes they write their story.
For at the end what is left of them are ashes of poetry.

 Fatima Al Hamad is an architect who loves to write poetry. At the age of 16, she burnt all her journals for fear of people seeing her work. She was always hiding it until she was encouraged to display her work through @faswords, an Instagram account where she combines music, art, poetry, and architecture. For her, words can be applied everywhere, and anywhere with no limitations. For her, this is the one journal she will not burn.

She has recently started a poetry event called Word Of Mouth Kuwait (@wordofmouthkw) where artists and poets collaborate and share their work publicly through spoken word poetry.

Image Credit: Abdulaziz Al-Ameer, an Arabic calligraphy artist. Find his work on Instagram: @tua_14

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One thought on “How Does a Poet See the World?

  1. Tej Machhar 1 year ago

    I remember words of OSHO, an artist will never have monetary, fame as their prospective for what they do. Art just flows out form within, effortlessly. This means that person is in lean with nature or can be said he is near to God. Thank you.