The Divan’s Debate Tournament Kuwait consisted of two events: the Qualifiers and the Finals. It was held in AlShaheed Park in April 2016, and was the first of its kind—in English—to be open to the public in Kuwait, to participate in and attend.

But this wasn’t your regular debate tournament. The responsibility of choosing a winner was upon members of the audience; they had to decide which team’s arguments were more convincing and vote thus.

The Qualifiers had two debates and the teams battled their thoughts on:

– Morality is subjective, not universal.
– Gender Equality is an oxymoron.

The Divan Debate Tournament AlShaheed Park Kuwait

The Divan’s founders relaying the debate rules

The event held insightful perspectives, spot-on rebuttals, and an unexpected twist, wherein a team in the proposition beat the odds and deftly captured the swing vote.

In the Finals, the debate was on: Eastern Philosophy can save the world.

Watch it unfold here:







The tournament was won by Team Hikma, whose speakers convinced those amongst the audience that were neutral to vote for their proposition stance.


Nada Faris, a Kuwaiti writer and poet, closed the tournament with a powerful performance of her poem “You Are The Frenzy”.


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