Who We Are

The Divan is where ideas are discussed, where differences in opinions are welcomed, where prejudices have no place. It is where diverse mindsets gather for conversations on philosophy, literature, society, art, and more.

The podcast is where we strike conversations with non-conformists. Thinkers, local talents like artists, writers, activists.. people who’ve been in the box and shattered it, or were never in it in the first place. It’s where we explore thoughts on a diverse range of subjects, like culture, society, literature, art, philosophy etc. It seeks to inspire you to dwell upon ideas you might not have thought of before, while introducing you to incredibly gifted individuals in Kuwait… Individuals that are determined to make a difference.

The Divan also has a Salon, a book club based in Kuwait that brings together individuals with a passion for reading books—books that have stood the test of time and outlived generations, their immortal words ever relevant even today. Every month, members of the Salon book club share their thoughts in a discussion, exploring the themes, ideas, and style of writing of each book. The Salon Book Club meets on the first Tuesday of every month, 7:30 PM at Sirdab Lab in Kuwait City.

The movie nights are held in partnership with Sirdab Lab at their venue. The movie screening is followed by a delectable dinner sponsored by China Garden and an in-depth discussion on the movie.